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    Default To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    I reacentally started using a 14ft spey rod and LOVE it. I noticed after awhile casting , the joints used to come a little lose so I just kept on tighting them. I seen a article on wax and tape the joints, I don,t like the idea of tape on a new rod if it aint broke, I waxed the joints (St Croix) wax and the next time I used it they never moved.

    I fish still waters for trout rearly using spey casts more like roll casts and some overhead back casts. I use a 9 rod with a 9 WF long front taper, long fat belly tapered to a very thin running line, don.t know name of line, anyway, my question is, for this kind of casting/fishing do I need to tape the joints?

    Thanks in Advance. Wayne

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    Default Re: To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    I don't tape my Spey rod which is a 12'9" 6 weight. I keep the ferrules waxed though. There is occassional slippage, but it isn't like I am tightening every 30 minutes. Tightening about every other hour seems to be the norm. That seems acceptable to me.

    I have been told that longer rods need to be checked more often. There is much more torque due to the longer lever length.

    If you are doing fine with just waxing, stick with the program.

    If you feel the waxing is not doing enough to control the slippage, get out the tape.


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    Default Re: To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    Simon Gawesworth and others recommend taping the ferrules. With all of the torque and others forces spey casting puts in the rod it can cause sections to loosen. Just last summer a friend broke not one but two rods in two days both right at the ferrules. He didn't wax his ferrules (single-handed rods) and was too gentle in assembling the sections. If the sections work themselves loose there isn't enough surface area to spread the load so something has to give.
    Simon recommends a quality electrical tape but I am going to a marine store to get a fresh roll of silicone tape that adherers to itself. That stuff I know leaves no residue.

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    Default Re: To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    Last two posts are 'dead on.' Personally I, one exception,' use tape but I do check the connections on my 2 handers. Depending upon the type of rod finish at the male section (smooth vs sanded) will make a huge difference. Smooth, I strongly recommend using the tape.

    Put the sections together with a slight twist as you seat them. Then a two strips of tape up/down over the Ferrel and then a circular double wrap over that.
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    Default Re: To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    I wax my rods each and every time I use them. I NEVER use a spey rod without wax. If you do, you are asking for a busted rod. I have white electrical tape for hard casting where I don't want to be checking the ferrules all the time. The way I tape them is a piece up each side and then wrap up and back down over them. I would still check them every once in a while. This is not like casting single hand rods. The forces involved are much greater. No tape + no wax = busted rod.

    Fred, Mosca and Jackster answered this pretty well before I got here. I did not read the answers before I posted. They covered it well enough for mine to be a tad redundant. One last thing, if you had been seriously spey casting that rod without wax, it very easily could have already been busted.
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    Default Re: To Tape or Not to Tape that is the question

    Thanks guys for the info, think I,ll stay with just the waxing for now seems to be doing it,s job. I don,t need to cast it hard to get more line out than my 9FT 8WT we,ll see what happenes, hopefully good things, Think the rod manufactures would tell us about this or make a rod that stays together. Ho well we,ll see. Thanks again.

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