I won a 590 Sage one at the lcoal TU banquet this year and I love it. It is a different than any other rod I cat and it does take a little bit of getting used to. I also own a 590 VPS (RPL blank) and 590 SP. When I got the one I went out and cast all three rocs side by side. The VPS is a rod that I have never loved and it was not even a comparison to the One. I have always loved my 590 SP and it has been my workhorse for over a decade. I love that rod and It did not even compare to the sensitivity of the One. While I have not logged enough time side by side with the 590 Zenith to feel I can say which is better. I would say that the one is at least one of the two best 590 rods that I have ever cast. I feel it beats the BIIIX. I was never a huge z-axis fan, because I always thought it was a little stiff in the butt section. I have fished dry flies on the Provo with the One at very close range and did not feel that stiffness. It had remarkable touch in close for a fast action rod. That being said, it did take a few bad casts to get used to throwing nymph rigs. The rod recovers sooo fast if you stop it a little short it can throw an ugly cast. But in the ned it took me less than a quarter day fishing to change my cast to accomodate the rod. You need to know that expect a 590 to be able to handle small streamers all of my lake specialty lines. The only two things I do not expect a 590 to handle are my mousing and articulated streamers. I expect it to handle all of my dry fly fishing (except forthe aforementioned mousing in the wind) and all of my nymph rigs. I cannot fathom why anyone would fish a 6WT for standard dries.

In the 486 length. I have casted a few rods against each other several times and evaluated them. Right now I believe the Hardy Zenith to be the best, with the BIIX a close second at the 486 length with the One in third. The One performed very well but it just did not quite have the "feel" of the other two rods. These top three rods are all absolutely fantastic. In my 4 position I would put the ZXL and then at 5 the Scott A4 (considering it is just under 400 bills that is a very good place to be). Anyone buying any of these rods is making fantastic purchases, in my opinion. I believe the ZXL will soon be replaced by a rod using the same technology as the One. I believe this rod will quickly jump up into the either number one or number two spot. I believe that it will be a better rod than the BIIIX. In a 486 I am primariy looking for a dry fly rod that can also handle dry/droppers. As a result my bias is for rods that have some backbone to drive against while hauling, but the rod has definately got to have some bend in it. It is why I really like the BIIIX and zenith rods. Since I broke my 490 SP, I have been using my 383 SLT. It struggled a little bit with large dries and a dropper yesterday in a pretty decent breeze. I really need a 486 as the next rod in my quiver.