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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    The best you can buy is the Superfine touch or the G2.

    If your on a budget, get a Avid.

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    Since you've indicated that price isn't the prime consideration, I guess I'm surprised a bunch of Winston folks haven't chimed in. I don't know those rods, but would think they'd be included in this discussion. -Mike

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    Quote Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post

    The 8'6" 5 weight Winston WT is famous for being just the sort of rod it sounds like you're looking for. Tom Chandler of calls it one of the "dozen best fly rods of all time" and says it "might be the 'troutiest' rod in existence". Tom McGuane calls it "the five weight trout rod against which all others are measured". I've also heard it called "the staff of Moses" (although some philistines have more recently tried to appropriate the nickname for a newer boron model). They run $750 new but a used one in good condition will be more like $350. If you really must have a 4 weight and not a 5, the 8'6" 4 weight WT is pretty similar.
    In fact there's a used 8'6" 4 weight WT offered on the well-known Big Auction Website right now.

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    Okay, before I get into this, I just want to say thank you to all who have contributed, and I really appreciate your help in making this such an extensive thread.

    That said, having owned a Winston (my streamer 6wt), and knowing how finicky their warranty is, I wouldn't want to buy one used. Price IS definitely a consideration in my buying one; I just wanted to hear everyone's opinions without price factored in. The fact a lot of people say <$200 dollars speaks to the modesty of this forum. Personally, I'd be much more willing to buy a Loomis or an Orvis used. I would not buy a Winston without a warranty card.

    Winston fans, please don't take it the wrong way, I really do love their rods and my Winston, but its just out of my price range and we all know $#!T happens and rods break.

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    I became a "Winston Guy" while living in Montana for 4 years. Winston 4 weights I've used to consider would be:

    1. The Tom Morgan Favorite (8' 2 piece), an incredible dry-fly rod

    2. BIIX 486 (8'6" four piece), great for the applications you listed, including dries and the light tandem rigged nymphs with an indicator. You may still be able to find them on closeout. I use mine for when I'm not sure if I'll be nymphing or the unexpected hatch.

    I have not fished the Winston WT 8'6" 4wt. Some "Winstonites" love the rod, others don't. Call Tim Wade's North Fork Anglers (Cody, WY) if you're looking. Great shop and Tim's super.

    The Winston WT 8'6" 5 wt is an incredible rod (3 piece) for all the applications you described. It would also be an option for you though not a 4wt.

    If you're looking at Scott G2s (I know a lot of better fishermen than me swear by them), you may want to call the Missoulian Angler (Missoula, MT) or the Humble Fly (Cody, WY). I have been to both shops, they're Scott dealers, and they are good people.

    Good luck!

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    Look up the Sage Circa series of rods.

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    As mentioned before I dont know your budget,however there are 2 Rods I would also look at as I've tried both & they are Nice Rods & good value.

    1. Allen Myth,although it was a #5 a friend had it set up with a Rio Gold #5 Line & we were punching size 6 wooly Buggers into The wind with it,a little Rod with heaps of grunt,I imagine a # 4 to be also good however it won't do what the #5 will..

    2. A TFO BVK which another friend has,it was also a nice Rod & easy to distance cast.
    Both are not overly fast however give them a try,I don't think you will be disapointed,especially The Prices.

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    Right now Gary Loomis is selling some of his rods on eBay, under used rods, might check it out. I just got a 'Loomis Whispercreek GLX 8'8" 3wt. Wow, what a rod! But i am a 'Loomis ***** so I might not be the best person to chime in. Anyway good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerboy2222 View Post
    How does the CT compare to the Superfine?
    There is no comparison. They have two completely different personalities.

    I've owned the Superfine Touch 761, Redington CT 763, and test casted the Superfine Touch 763.

    Superfine is a full-flex, slow action rod. The rod unloads slowly. Fast line speed is achieved by proper casting mechanics from a discipline caster, not from the rod whipping back quickly to the unloaded position from its stiffness.

    The Redington CT is stiffer and faster in comparison, and is easier to cast. It's by no means a stiff rod like the BVK series, but the feel is completely different than a Superfine. I think the CT is a better choice than the Superfine if one wants to throw bigger or weighted flies in the wind.

    Craftmanship wise, it's like comparing a Kia to a Mercedes.

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    Default Re: Recommendation needed - Medium action fly rods

    I haven't been on the forum for awhile, so this may be too late to be helpful, but here it is anyway. I have three Winston WT rods, 2 are 8'6" 5 wts and one is an 8'6" 4wt. They are classed as med-fast action rods and that seems to be "right on" in my opinion. They cast beautifully and fish the same way. That said.....I recently found a St. Croix 8' 4wt moderate action Avid fly rod that also casts beautifully and fishes well. I really enjoy my Winston rods and would never sell them, but I have to say I don't see the over $500's difference in todays price as worth it. If I were in the market for another med or mod action fly rod, I would take a good look at the St. Croix Avid rods.


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