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    Default New Spey versus a New Single Hand NRX

    So I'm at the point where I want to buy a new rod. I'm looking at a 7 or 9 weight, single handed NRX versus one of the Z-Axis spey or switch rods.

    I'd use the single handed rod for lake fishing, steelhead fishing, and for trips to the salt.

    I already own a 9' 8 weight Sage Launch, which is serviceable, but not quick enough for saltwater duty. I'm not totally enamored with it and would use it as a backup.

    The switch or spey rod would be great for chucking large streamers while wading at the lake, the obvious choice for steelhead fishing and trips to the pac northwest. The saltwater game is pretty much out, but I could possibly use it as a beach rod with an intermediate running line and sink tip.

    I think if I'm going to go to the long rod, a spey would be better than the switch option. I'm looking for recommendations.

    If I skip the spey, I'd again have a tough decision between the 7 or 9 weight NRX. The light weight of the 7 would be great, but the 9 offers more versatiliy, as well as better control in the wind. How many of you take only 7 weights out to the salt for redfish or bonefish?

    Any opinions? I'm going to beat this dead horse for awhile!

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    Default Re: New Spey versus a New Single Hand NRX

    I'm a 'Loomis guy and own, well, lets say enough of them. I don't have an NRX, but GLX 7 and 9wts for reds and stripers work awesome. Missed going the Belize for bones so I haven't fished them as yet. I also really like the Cross Currant rods as well, they have power to cast in wind, and distance cast as well. I learned to double haul from Steve Rajeff and that has been a blessing ever since. Lots of better fisherman than me on this site so take your time, and take the advice of these people, no better place to get it.

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    Default Re: New Spey versus a New Single Hand NRX

    Hey John,

    Many anglers much more in the know than me may be best served to provide you with advice but I'll add my 2 cents for whatever it is worth to you.

    I am much more experienced with single hand rods than two handers, but I often see folks mention that learning to cast with a spey is easier than with a switch. Not sure how I feel about this since I have done some single hand spey casting with my single hand rod. In talking with a casting instructor today at my local shop, when I inquired about a lesson with the switch, he recommended two lessons. One with a single hand rod, and one with the two hander. This was interesting to me.

    With two hand rods, don't get caught up as much with the line wt, it's all about the grain window. So my reading tells me anyway. Essentially, it's more about the size of flies you will throw, the size of the river and the line needed to get them out there. A switch through would allow you throw both streamers and weighted nymphs on those GL Tribs I'm guessing you fish.

    One more consideration with a two hand rod, you will need a reel likely 2 or more sizes up. Not only to balance, but then to handle the line. Oh yeah, then the line. If you go two hand, dialing in the line can be a challenge if you are buying off the shelf. Steve Godshall comes highly recommended by those much more in the know than me to produce a custom cut line for your rod and style of fishing for roughly. The cost is roughly the same so I've heard. Wabi recently got line from him, you may want to check with him about his experience.

    You have an 8wt that could be used for salmon, a switch or spey adds a new dimension to your game and could be used in the PNW. Consider where you would be most likely to use it and I think it's there where you base your decision. For GL tribs, a Spey would likely be overkill---I think, but a spey would likely be more favorable in the PNW.

    If you are considering the two handed rod and are interested in the Z Axis, now is the time to do it. I'm opportunistic so I guess I'd favor this option. Buy a rod that you can use where you'll do the majority of your fishing, not for the one or two off's.

    Again, there are a lot of assumptions I'm making based on my reading but figured I'd pass along some food for thought anyway. Hopefully it gives you something to think about and maybe even cut down on your learning curve.

    Good luck and have fun with your hunt, let us know what you end up with.
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    Default Re: New Spey versus a New Single Hand NRX

    Quote Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
    but I often see folks mention that learning to cast with a spey is easier than with a switch.
    That was when switch rods were just making their appearence. Now every maker out there offers a line geared for the shorter length switches. When the switches hit the market the available lines all carried long heads that were too much for the shorter length rods. So it was up to the angler to fine tune (cut chop and glue) the head length to suit the rod.

    If I were looking for rod to use in lakes, surf, and the GL tribs a switch would be high on the list. When its lined right you can still lay out bombs that will reach to 80 feet using waterborn spey styled casts, get an extra spool for your reel of choice and line it appropriately for overhead casting to use along the lake/salt shore.
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