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    Default Re: New in the Sage lineup: Sage Circa

    I agree, I'd like for this guy's video to come on out on the CIRCA... Leland has a channel page on their site, but it is not comprehensive. I checked the actual youtube channel to find others (newer ones too... you'd think their review of the ONE would be on their site instead of the old Z). Some interesting stuff

    The guy in the videos reviewing Sage is a Sage rep, and as such is going to be biased, but his videos are less fluff than the one on the Sage site...

    Leland Fly TV

    [ame=]Sage ONE- YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: New in the Sage lineup: Sage Circa

    I like Jamie Lyle's videos. One of the Leland guys told me that they had to get Jamie to be less technical on the videos, and act more like he's having fun. Jerry Siem is a rod designer, but seems very good at marketing "fun" in these videos.

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    Jerry is an excellent caster and the video shows a lot of that. But not a single fish was caught! Casting can be fun, but it's better when it results in a fish at the other end.

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