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    Default TFO BVK 9', 6 wt and 9'6", 6wt

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the TFO BVK 9', 6 wt and 9'6", 6wt rods. I'm wondering if the extra length of the 9'6" rod helps or hinders casting sink tips or full sinking lines when compared to the standard 9' model.

    I'm interested in the two 6 weight models with the fighting but to use as a light weight streamer rod with the option to throw heavier nymph setups. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

  2. Default Re: TFO BVK 9', 6 wt and 9'6", 6wt

    I have the BVK 9 ft 6 wt with fighting butt, I LOVE the rod. It casts streamers great as well as nymph rigs. It's a good fast action rod with quite a decent backbone for throwing streamers. I use a floating line and a full sink line with this set up. Both of my lines are a half size heavy to load it easier. I can't comment on the 9'6" version, I have never casted one. TFO has a great warranty as well. Hope this helps.

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