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goblue 07-09-2012 02:51 PM

Guide wax?
I'm getting back to fly fishing after years away from it and am rehabbing an ancient 8.5' fly rod. I haven't got the hang of the cast yet and don't seem to get much line out. Think it will take some practice. In the meantime, is there such a thing as waxing the guides. That might help my line slip more easily through the guides and help my casting a little bit. Any info on such stuff?

Thanks, GB

mcnerney 07-09-2012 03:12 PM

Re: Guide wax?
GB: I can't help with the guide wax, never used anything like that. You might spool off the first 40 ft of your fly line and clean it with a mild solution of water and soap and then coat the line with a good fly line cleaner/conditioner. That being said, I have seen a lot of beginners trying to cast with virtually no fly line out the end of the fly rod. Try pulling off twenty feet of line out the tip of the rod and then try casting. You might also look at this three part video on casting by Tim Landwehr from Tightlines Fly Shop.

goblue 07-09-2012 03:31 PM

Re: Guide wax?
Thanks for your fast reply. I read someplace about coating the inside of the guides with something, but I've read so many hints and how-tos lately that I know I will never find it again. Appreciate the video suggestion, though, need all the help I can get. Oh, and although I'm working with an old-time rod, I have added new lines, leader and tippet. I was just trying to find a crutch to support my as-yet poor casting form. Guess there are no short-cuts, huh? But I'm having a great time sucking up info. That's a fun part of restarting this hobby.

mcnerney 07-09-2012 04:47 PM

Re: Guide wax?
GB: You're welcome. If you have new line, than guide wax isn't the answer. You might try looking for a local fly shop in your area and taking a one hour casting lesson, that would go a long way in sorting out the difficulties you're having. Also ask around about fly fishing clubs, Trout Unlimited Chapters or maybe a Federation of Fly Fishers Council in your area. If you could get someone to mentor you in learning the basics of casting and fly fishing your learning curve will sky rocket.

imxer 07-10-2012 11:09 AM

Re: Guide wax?

Welcome back to fly fishing.

The guide "wax" you are thinking about might be the "carbo-nitrate" finish applied to some guides, as discussed by Steve Rajeff in a Loomis video about their new NRX series rods. You can find it on the G LOOMIS website under "videos".


goblue 07-13-2012 06:17 AM

Re: Guide wax?
Thanks, guys, my practice casting is improving because of the great info in the video. So, I'm not going to worry about nonexistant (?) guide wax.

However, now I have another problem. While pushing the line through the tip guide, the tiny black ring on the outside of the guide popped off. Can it be reattached with some epoxy? The guide is still firmly affixed to the rod. I think the little ring provides a smoother ride for the line running through the tip guide.


argail 08-08-2012 06:09 PM

Re: Guide wax?
Of course you can glue the ring only to accurately...
if the ring will still be lost, need to be replaced the guide! I have "ancient" ;) fly rod, thread on a guides worn out & I had to replace all the guides (I take guides from new broken fly rod)

mojo 08-08-2012 07:47 PM

Re: Guide wax?
Is your "ancient" rod bamboo? It almost sounds like it. The old rods had very small guides because they used silk lines. And it also sounds like your tip top is agate. This could be why you have a casting problem. Modern lines and tiny guides- not a good combination for a beginner.

silver creek 08-09-2012 09:37 AM

Re: Guide wax?
The only thing resembling "guide" wax is using Pam non stick cooking spray to keep ice from forming on the guides during winter fly fishing.

You can check your guides with a roughed up end of a Q-Tip to see if the cotton fibers snag on your guides. They may need to be replaced.

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