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Thread: My rod broke!

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    Wow! Finally tested my new Clearwater rod. It's very smooth and shot line perfectly, only problem I didn't like was that my battenkill reel was a bad match so had to drive an hour away to buy the new clearwater reel and I couldn't be more happier. The reel was just great, smooth drag, quiet a little heavier than the battenkill but it was just a perfect match with the rod. ....can't wait til the weather warm's and the bass start hitting popper's!!

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    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! My dog broke one of my all-time favorites last week! Had it up against a spruce and very close to the trunk and out of the way. It would have been just knocked over except for the tip getting caught up in the branches!
    I called Sage and luckily they still have tips for the RPL!
    The Setter is a great bird dog so I forgave him. He is not a good fishing dog, however, and I keep him tied up when we hike up in the mountains. I was taking a break (no pun intended) so I had turned him loose for a bit.
    Next time I think I will put the rod up in the spruce branches in a horizontal position and well off the ground!

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