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moucheur2003 07-28-2012 08:57 AM

New, Improved Orvis Helios 2
Orvis just announced that it is going to replace the Helios models with a new series of Helios 2 this winter. Has anyone heard any advance scuttlebutt? How do they compare with the current Helios? How deeply will Orvis discount the remaining Helios inventory to make room for the new models?

Here's a teaser from the Orvis blog:

Introducing the Helios 2: Feed Your Addiction

I was particularly interested to see the comment about improved tip strength. I had heard, for example, that the present 8 weight Helios model is not a reliable bonefishing rod because it is too brittle. If you are going to shell out that kind of money it's nice to have a strong guarantee, but having a strong guarantee is no substitute for having confidence that you probably won't ever need it.

innes 07-29-2012 08:14 AM

Re: New, Improved Orvis Helios 2
Well, this isn't good for the check book. I'll have to go down to the Orvis Dealer and test drive one when they come out. On the other hand, my Helios 1 will be hard to beat. Thanks for the info. Vr

shotgunfly 08-01-2012 05:04 PM

Re: New, Improved Orvis Helios 2
I stopped in and inquired with the local Orvis dealer. They've been testing them for a bit (prototypes were called the 'second coming'). When asked about specs (lighter or stronger) I didn't get much in the way of clear answers. I hope they're stronger. I just recently snapped the tip off one of my helios rods (thank God for a 25 yr replacement guarantee). I won't upgrade any of my 3 ZG Helios rods to save an ounce.

sweetandsalt 08-02-2012 04:58 PM

Re: New, Improved Orvis Helios 2
They have proportedly been testing near production samples since spring. Completely revised tapers hopefully will address the lack of lower taper reserve power in some models and a mysterious addative to the tip sections is intended to enhance impact resistance and reduce breakage. Like most of us, I am a fan of light weight rods and am optimistic about H2.

Keep in mind that "light" means small diameter, thin walled blanks; think sports car instead of 4X4 truck and, therefore, as one would not tow one's boat trailer down a rutted dirt track with one's sports car, rods like Helios, the ONE, etc. should be purchased and used as presentaion specialty rods. Banging around in a drift boat, throwing weighted streamsers, one might want a more robust, stouter all-round SUV-of-a-rod.

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