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  1. Default Single Hand steelhead rods?

    I'm starting to look for a single handed steelhead rod. I will be doing my steelhead fishing in Michigan. I'm curious what a lot of you guys/ gals prefer when fishing for chrome. Specific rods would be good but also length and line weight setups. I've been looking at a 10' 7wt BVK, due to my love for my 9' 6 wt BVK. Any info would be great, thanks

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    Default Re: Single Hand steelhead rods?

    I'm no expert on Michigan waters, but I fish a 10ft 7wt for Lake Erie Tribs for steelhead. I don't think it's that much different. You would likely be fine with a 9'6 as well. If you're fishing smaller streams, maybe a 9'0 depending on your preference. Not sure if you plan on going after kings with it, if so I'd go up a line weight or two.
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    Default Re: Single Hand steelhead rods?

    This one is listed in our Classified section.........

    It's not the brand you speced but might be worth a look...........


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    Default Re: Single Hand steelhead rods?

    That there RPL is a nice rod, price isn't bad either. If I had the spare cash I'd pick it up.

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    Default Re: Single Hand steelhead rods?

    Most lake run Rainbow Trout of the Great Lakes originated from Eel River strain Steelhead of Northern California. Big bucks can get into the 30 inch plus sizes although an average sized fish would be under 30 inches. Depending on the water types you fish and the flies and lines used to deliver, you can fish anything from 9 to 10 feet in a 6 or 7 weight.

    Your 9 foot 6 weight BVK should be fine for throwing streamers with a sink tip or integrated shooting head.

    If you plan on nymphing, a 10 foot 6 or 7 weight is a good option. The 10 foot length would give you better line control when dealing with multiple currents and longer drifts. The line weight should depend on what you plan on delivering. If you plan on using a regular sized indicator, a modest amount of weight, and small to medium nymphs, get the 6 weight. Larger payloads would demand a 7 weight.

    I have not fished a 10 foot 7 weight BVK, but in theory, it should be a good complement to your 6 weight.


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