As an avid drinker of the Sage Kool Aid I have to agree with the concept stated previously. I bought my Z Axis for a reason, while I have cast the ONE and think it is an unbelievable rod, I don't find it $700 better.

Would I love to replace my ZAxis with a ONE, yes !
Would I love to replace my ZXL with a Circa, yes !
Would I love to replace my TXL's with TXL-F , yes!

Why, because I am an unabashed gear junky, but if I spent say net $2,000 after selling the old gear I don't see the value.

It is like golf, I am a good golfer but the latest hoo-ha driver for $500 would give me a few yards difference, is it worth it...for me no

Good for Sage and keeping themselves relevant in the marketplace by branding and putting out a great product, but I will need to expand my fishing locales to need a rod bigger than a 6WT, then I will buy another Sage.