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    Default Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    I need/want a good quality second/back-up 8wt for some upcoming salt trips; reds in LA & So Fl this fall for snook. Next year for bones/tarpon. Have a 10wt for bigger needs.

    My current back-up is cheap all the way. It's a 2pc TFO Signature I so is out for much travel.

    I've been looking for a good but not too expensive rod. The TFO TiCr X seems to fit this until the Sage Vantage & Flight came on sale. Already have reel & line.

    So who has experience with both? Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance,

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    I don’t know about Sage rods. But I cast several times with TFO TiCrx. Simply put, it shoots like a cannon. It is an ultra fast rod. A guy who showed me easily shoot to the end of the fly line.
    Also you need to take into consideration about the warranty. It is about 25 bucks verses what Sage charges, which I do not know.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    The TFO TiCrx is a im6 graphite rod on a fast taper. That has never been my favorite combination. in order to get the taper fast, a lot of mass is added to the butt section.

    while a lot of people love im6 graphite rods, it is usually in the context of a smooth full flex or medium flex dry fly rod. I feel that in making a fast action rod you lose some of the the value of an IM6 rod. I have cast this rod several times and it can certainly throw distance pretty well.

    I think it is reasonable to assume that sage uses some form a graphit II on this rod. Using that graphite results in a higher modulus rod. That means that the graphite is stronger andtherefore the diameter of the rod can be a little smaller to prodcue the same stiffness.

    I do not own a Sage Vantage, but I own multiple higher end sage rods. I also own the predecessor to the Vantage in the Launch. I bought this rod in a pinch when i needed a mousing rod for Strawberry reservoir. I like it a lot for the job I am using it for. It is my belief that you will end up with slightly better graphite if you go with the Vantage.

    As always i suggest casting both rods if you can and choose from there. You may find you like one better than the other.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    Pete, What is “mousing rod”?

    I bought this rod in a pinch when i needed a mousing rod for Strawberry reservoir

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    Quote Originally Posted by texastroutbum View Post
    Pete, What is “mousing rod”?
    A rod for fishing a morrish mouse. Sorry for my poor English.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    Thanks for the information. I’ve never tried the pattern. Please show me the pictures of chunky trout you catch someday.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    the ticrx has a nice tip to it. lots of butt section for fighting. its a good ten weight rod.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    While I love my Vantage in 5 wt, I wouldn't purchase one in 8wt... I don't feel that series has the backbone/power needed in the heavier weights. I would step up in speed to the Sage Flight and take advantage of the great pricing right now (they just got discontinued) or try the new Scott A4.

    No experience with TFO so I can't comment there.

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    Default Re: Sage Vantage compared to TFO TiCrX

    I was in the same position as you, looking for a really good backup 8 weight.

    One of my favorite rods for the last few years has been a Powell Tiboron XL in a 9 weight that I bought used on eBay as a backup. Now the series has been closed out and the remaining stock from 4 to 9 weight is being dumped at Sierra Trading Post. Watch the site for a good price. (If you're not familiar with STP's pricing, you should sign up for their email promotion list; they run different discounts and promotions nearly every day so the pricing can vary a lot from one day to the next. It can be frustrating to pull the trigger to buy something and then see the price move down the day after you do, because they don't have a lowest-price guarantee after you commit to buy, but the prices can still be pretty good.) For example, retail for the Tiboron was $349, and I just ordered an 8 weight last week for $140, but I have since seen it as low as $117.

    Another very good one to consider as a backup 8 might be the house-brand GL-H2O from The Fly Shop in Redding (Calif.) for $149 or so. It's very similar to the old Loomis GLX taper and comes with an extra tip.

    I do have the TiCrX in a 6 weight. It's very heavy and stiff -- actually better with a 7 or 8 weight line than it is with a 6. Here in New England people overline them and love them for heavy surf fishing in the wind for big stripers with big flies and sinking lines because they have the spine and can take a beating, but I wouldn't recommend the TiCrX as an all-around 8 weight, especially if you might need it for accuracy and delicacy (as in bonefishing). I have no experience with the Sage.
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