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  1. Default advise on a new rod

    I just recently started fly fishing and am looking for a second rod. I purchased a TFO ticr x 7'6" 8wt as my first rod. I went with a shorter rod because I do a lot of kayak fishing and went with the smaller rod so that is it easier to land fish in the kayak. I am happy with they way it casts for fishing smaller water and tight spaces. I recently went out with a buddy and used his Orvis Access 10' 8wt which I really liked thought it was a great deal easier to cast than my shorter TFO. I will mainly be using it for bass fishing in Northern Va, but also would like to have something I could use for Stripers in the Potomac, and Steelhead in the streams near Erie PA. I am thinking about purchasing another TFO ticr x 9' 8wt. I like the idea of the coversion kit for spey casting, which is something I would want to try eventually. I was also looking into the Lefty Kreh professional series. Looks like they a med. fast rod compared to the ultra fast Ticr x, any advantages/disadvantages of either I should consider. I was also at some of the Allen Rods, just not sure which model would suit me best. as far as size goes I think I want a 9' or 10', any major reason to go with one over the other. I am not looking to spend a ton of money,and hoping to stay in the $200 range or lower on this purchase. Any advise is appreciated.

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    For what you're targeting, I'd try a 10' 8wt Allen Xa. For the Erie steelhead and bass I would go with a 7wt but the stripers, if only because of the wind, push it up to the 8 (it will also help throwing the bigger bass bugs). I say the 10' over the 9' both for ease of casting from your yak and for managing drifts on the steelhead streams, and it also allows for the use of spey-style casts, which become very useful on those long days on the trips. I use Allen Xa's in sizes from 6-10 for everything from carp to bull reds and snook, and of course for steelhead. The action is medium fast and pleasant to cast and the price is real good too. The warranty and customer service can't be scoffed at either. Hope this helps!
    - A.J.

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