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    Default Scott G2 7'7" 2wt, comments welcomed

    Thinking of possibly picking up the little Scott G2, 2wt 7'7" for mountain streams. Already have a Winston BIIt, 3wt 7'6" and any comparison to it would be appreacated.

    Thanks! redleg

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    Default Re: Scott G2 7'7" 2wt, comments welcomed

    This doesn't really answer your question, but I'll give you another rod to think about. The Murray Mountain Trout Rod, it's built by Scott and in my opinion the perfect small stream mountain rod, it's a 6' 10" 3wt 3 piece. For many years you could only get the rod though Murray's Fly Shop in Edinburg, VA. Then the last 5 or 6 years or the G series rods (not the G2), Scott the offered it as the G903/3. It carries the same warranty as any high end Scott. I hope it's ok to post a link: Murray Mountain Trout Fly Rod, Trout Fly Rod

    Regardless I've had one for going on 20 years now and it still gets a nice work out in the SNP.

    Tight Lines

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    Default Re: Scott G2 7'7" 2wt, comments welcomed

    Thanks! The real reason for asking is my local fly shop has one of these on closeout currently. I guess I should go cast the thing and see if it is worth taking home at 50% of retail.


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