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Actually I would, RIO makes very good lines, as do we, SA, Airflow, Teeny and Wulff among others. But most of the high end fly lines are fairly specialized. In all sincerity for most entry level rods, I wouldn't recommend Selective trout (for the record I wouldn't recommend Sylk either, a line designed for bamboo fly rods). Although it's a great line on most rods in the middle scale of flex. It would not be my first choice for fishing bigger streams out west for instance. I would much prefer our Western Drifter, SA's GPX or RIO Gold, or Grand for that application. That was all I'm saying I didn't mean to offend anyone, and certainly wasn't saying it was a bad line. That is why you pick the best rod for your application FIRST, and then MATCH THE LINE TO THE ROD. And for the record I have fished plenty of SA, RIO and Teeny lines in my life along with Cortland, I was fishing way before I became a rep.
I liked the concept of the Sylk. Just didn't like the way it didn't float. I didn't have any of the problems others had- sticking together, way too limp to cast in hot humid weather, and I understand the problem was just a bad lot. Nothing more.
For the bigger waters out here, I will agree with you that TSII is not as good as Windcutter II or the Gold. But there are a thousand smaller waters in the west that it's ideal for. I'm not too impressed with the Sharkskin from SA and time will tell with that line. As for the Cortland, I still think the old Peach is probably the best. For sinking type, nothing beats the Cortland Clear Camo.
Matching the line to the rod is a feat in itself. If you do it correctly. I am one of the lucky ones that have a grundle (is that really a word?) of lines to choose from. I have certain rods that prefer a TT to anything else. I have glass that likes the STII and I have a Sage SP that really loves it. Winston BIIX's favorite is the WCII. Not all 5w rods are 5w rods. Same with all the others weights.
If a person would google up Common Cents System, I think they would be mildly surprised at what they find- in the aspect of what the true line rating for a certain rod is. But now I'm really starting to get out to left field.
Pick the rod you're comfortable with, spend the most you can for the best rod you can afford. There is a big difference between cheap **** and not so cheap ****.