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    Default Re: Question About Cork Handles

    I have had good luck with "Cascade" dishWASHER liquid rubbed in as it comes from the container, i.e. undiluted, with bare hands. You can clean the whole rod at the same time.

    Nature, Cheaper than Therapy


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    Default Re: Question About Cork Handles

    Thank you to everyone that offered tips and advice.

    I have an old Canadian made Fenwick Black Hawk, the cork on it has a great patina on it. I never did anything to it. It is close to thirty years old so I guess l'll let the Sage's cork stand.

    I was just thinking the elements, wear and tear, dirt, UV light, salt water, etc. could be tough on the resiliency of the cork. Anywho, I guess cork is kinda like cedar, it has natural preservatives perhaps built within it.

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    Default Re: Question About Cork Handles

    Love cork and have a strong dislike for EVA grips.

    First they are the slippery as a fish after you handle only a few or get a bit of suntan oil.

    Second they just look "tactical", part of flyfishing me is tradition and ambiance. EVA don't provide either.

    I got to tell you I clean my cork handles after everytrip, bit of detergent and a dish sponge makes 'em look great.

    Some of you mugg's "aged" rod handles scare me as bad as my older brother's socks.

    Pete A.

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