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Thread: Sage SPL???

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    I just got a almost new Sage SPL in a trade. It is an 8' 0 wt. Comes with a Sage 3100 series reel with extra spool. Has anyone used or have one of these rod and reels. I have never fishing a 0 wt and I am just trying to get some ideas on what I have to look forward to. I plan on using it on the Cimarron River in New Mexico and also the Rio Costillo in the Valle Vidal unit also in New Mexico. Thanks

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    Hi Craig,

    First let me say I have not fished a "0" weight rod and my comments are base on my preferences.

    The "0" is a specialist rod and I would not use one on fish of much size. The rod lacks the backbone to control a large fish and end the fight in a reasonable amount of time. I would suggest you use a little heavier tippet so you can apply as much pressure as possible. Since it is an 8 footer I think you will find the tip very soft. I will be interested in what you think after you have fished the rod a few times.

    Just remember the longer you fight a fish the lower it's chances are of recovering from the fight. We want to have fun catching fish but we don't want them to expire from the experience.


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    Like Frank stated the 0 wt is a specialist rod for someone with some experience IMHO. With the Cimarron River and Rio Costillo you might be lucky to catch something bigger than a 10 inches or anything bigger than your hand. Their pretty fiesty for small trout because their usually pretty hungry so they can put up a fight at times but a 0 wt should handle it in the areas that you are looking at.

    Hope this helps.
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    Frank and Terry

    Thanks for the information. I am by no means an expert fisherman but I am trying. lol I doubt the Sage 0 wt will be my primary rod for a long time. It was just to good of a deal to pass up. I thought it might work well on some of the smaller streams in New Mexico and Colorado where the biggest fish I usually catch is about 8" to 10". I will still use my 5 wt for the bigger fish.

    Frank I will be sure and let you know how I like the 0 wt after my first couple of trips. I might even get a little back yard casting in if the wind would stop blowing around here.

    One other question. What would be the biggest size fly I can expect to use with such a lightweight rod?

    Thanks again

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