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    SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    I'm planning to fish around river mouth for salmon, steelhead, and seatrout where I'll be fishing both fresh and salt water under windy condition. My choice is SAGE 9 feeter 8-10wt for renowned castability, but confused at the choice between XI2 and Z-axis. Both have reel seat made salt-ready, and as far as I tried inside the flyshop, they weigh pretty much the same and rod action felt similar.

    What would be your recommendation?
    XI2 or Z-axis?

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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    The z-axis will feel a bit lighter and faster, but the Xi2 is built a touch slower and more powerful in the butt.

    Since you'll be after fairly large fish, I would go with the Xi2. (since mending will likely be important, I'd also consider the 9'6" version)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    Hi neversink,

    If it was me I would take the XI2. It is designed for saltwater fishing. Let us know what you get.


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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    I just went through the same decision. Went to a local Cabelas and casted both of them in 8 weight. After casting them both, I bought the Z-Axis. I told the Cabelas Rep I wanted a rod for Bonefish in the Bahamas and local Bass and Carp. He leaned me towards the Xi2, said it would be better in strong wind (Though he was quick to state the Z-Axis was also a fine choice). I think he is right, but the Z-Axis was such a sweet caster I couldn't put her down. He told me that when fishing Bonefish, there would be times I would have to cast 80' or better in two cast or the guide would toss me of the boat. With the Z-Axis it was no problem whatsoever. With the Xi2, it seemed I need to haul the rod much harder to get there. The rep told me when I was casting against a 25 knot wind for Bones I may regret my decision against the Xi2, but the rest of the time I would not. The good thing is, between those two rods, it's a Win Win situation. They are both Awesome!!

    Good Luck


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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    Oh... I wish I'll be putting my tackle against bonefish! Reel fight against rocket speeding up to deep blue...

    But in this case, mostly river mouth where I will be dealing with:

    - long hours of casting to ranges and scanning layers with shooting head(s)
    - heavy fish (hopefully) pulling against current or tide
    - bumpy bottom where sinking line belly could be stack from time to time
    - wind, rain, and wave
    - hopefully not, wild bear (that's different game'n'tackle)

    Thanks to your suggestions, I think I should go for higher taming power of rod than higher castability in my case. That would be XI2 9'6''.

    In terms of choosing line weight... gee... that should be another question, right?

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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    Our go-to on the boat when guiding for stripers is the 990 Xi2. We have fished the rest of the Sage line in 9wt under the same conditions... everything but the Xi2 collapses in the butt section with big fish on, XP's, TCR's, Z's, FLi's... I think we pretty much broke them all too

    Xi2 all the way

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    Default Re: SAGE XI2 vs. Z-Axis: for dual water game

    Checked with custom rod shops, but no chance to find one with 9'6'' blank.
    I guess I'll settle with Xi2 990-4 then.


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