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vyse 09-13-2012 08:59 PM

TFO TiCr X 5wt
First of all, I am very new to fly fishing, and I am still trying to learn about line weights and rod actions. I purchased a 9' TFO TiCr X 5wt rod last year, and I have been fishing with it a few times. I have a RIO 5wt Windcutter II line on the reel. I have read that this is a very stiff action rod. I am having difficulty casting the line, whether it be a 5', 7', 9', or 12' leader. I know my form is not perfect, however, after taking instruction at my local shop and working with the casting guru there, I still cannot seem to get a clean cast. I am not ready to buy a different rod. I would like to learn to cast this one. my question is this: would a different or perhaps heavier line help in getting the rod to flex and cast better? I have read about over and under lining rods, but I would like some opinions on what might work.
I fish still water and smaller creeks mostly, and occasionally go out to the South Platte near Denver.
Any suggestions on lines that might make a difference?

Thanks in advance!

MoscaPescador 09-14-2012 01:41 AM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
Do this.

Go to your fly shop and ask if you could cast your rod with one of their demo reels lined with a 6 weight line. If you can't feel the load, try another demo reel with a 7 weight line. If you still can't feel the load, you have mechanics issues.

I think it is a combination of having too fast of a rod and your mechanics.


swirlchaser 09-14-2012 08:48 AM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
I think Dennis gave you sound advise. The TiCr and X series is a stiff rod. It's a rocket launcher when you hit the sweet spot but it's not very forgiving to a new caster. They also like to be lined up one.

vyse 09-14-2012 05:34 PM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
Thank you both! Off to the shop tomorrow morning to try out your suggestions.

Will the type of line make that much of a difference (WF, DT, specialty tapers, etc.)?

Or will the weight of the line be more noticeable?

swirlchaser 09-14-2012 05:52 PM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
a DT will definately cast differently than a WF line. Less distance but better roll casts and a lighter presentation. All other specialty lines are WF lines with varying tapers and won't make a tremendous difference at first.

wt bash 09-14-2012 06:28 PM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
Shorten your stroke, instead of 10 and 2 try 11 and 1 with some speed. Add a haul or double haul. My first rod was broom stick stiff but after a while I figured it out and like Swirlchaser said when you find their sweet spot they fly. How much line are trying to cast? I noticed when I was learning that I had to have atleast 30' of line out (not including the leader) the feel the load. Then started to shorten up to see what I had to do differently.

vyse 09-14-2012 10:06 PM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
I'm sure my mechanics are 99% of my problem, and I still don't really know what a good cast feels like. I know there are probably other rods that would be better for a beginner, but this it what I have right now, and I'd really like to learn with what I have. I will try getting more line out, I might not be getting enough out to load the rod it seems. Mostly I guess it just comes down to I need to practice and go fishing more often.

I will go to the shop and see about casting some other lines, I really hope I can feel some difference.

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, I am trying to absorb everything I can get my hands on!

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Swirlchaser, why will a DT give a lighter presentation? Even if it is a little heavier line?

pete a 09-15-2012 07:17 AM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
I totally agree with the suggestion of "over lining" the rod. My experience with many TFO rods is many are under spined. Meaning you can step up a line wt.

The heavier line will "slow" the rod a bit making beginning casing easier. Not sure what kind of fishing you do but my sons are 'fair weather" fly fisherman. For them I use 'bass bug" or "salt water" taper. These make short casts easy and fun.

Just got a used 6wt Axiom that is a great 7wt rod. Seems too stiff & un-responsive with 6wy but once with a 7wt it is great.

I suggest a cheap line and wear it out practice casting on the lawn. Just a few casts each evening will make the whole process much eaiser once on the water. You can get good "practice" qaulity lines on sale on-line in the $25-30 range.

Pete A.

bass_man 09-28-2012 12:22 PM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
I have that same rod and love it use it more then my other rods. But when I was taking lessons with it my instructor could not even get the rod to cast right. She said to me "that rod just don't like that line" and said I should try "Rio Gold line:worthy:" That line made a world of difference with that rod . Plus a lot of practice.
Good Luck and don't give up

moucheur2003 09-30-2012 08:12 AM

Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt
Also try borrowing a lighter, more flexible rod and see if it isn't easier to get the feel of the casting mechanics. In general, it's harder for beginners to learn to cast with a stiff rod than a more medium-action rod. Once you've got the hang of it on a forgiving rod, it will be easier to transfer those skills to a more difficult one.

Even among stiff rods, though, the Ti Cr X is a brute. I have a 6 wt TiCrX and it's great for certain situations, especially distance casting into the wind and putting the wood to heavy, hard-fighting fish. But I've been casting fly rods for over 20 years, and even I usually fish it with a 7 or 8 line rather than a 6. It's not really an all-around tool for most fishing, which often requires more accuracy and delicacy than the TiCrX can deliver easily. You can use a Mack truck to run your routine Saturday morning errands, but a plain old Chevy sedan is going to do the job better. You might consider getting another, shorter 5 weight with a slower action for dry flies and smaller streams, and saving the TiCrx for windy days and big rivers. There are a lot of rods out there that won't put too big a hole in your wallet, especially if you can find a discontinued model on closeout.

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