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    Default Sage Response & Approach rods

    Has anyone seen or had any experience with these new rods from Sage?

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    Default Re: Sage Response & Approach rods

    I own a 9' 8wt Response. It's a solid rod with very fast action. I'd say it's noticeably better than <$300 rods (I compared it and cast it along side to Redington's, TFO's and Orvis'). I haven't cast a Scott A4 but I'd imagine it's about as comparable as one can get to the lower-end premium rods. The only downside to mine, specifically, was that the cork seated on my rod just happened to be very, very low grade to the point that it was chipping off and falling apart. I sent it in to Sage for a new cork grip and was assured by the fly shop I got it from that it had to have been a defect in that particular section of cork. And that I had the misfortune of having the bad cork seated on it. I'll definitely raise a fuss if they try to charge me the $50 to replace the cork, and have something negative to say about Sage at that point, but until then I'm giving the company the benefit of the doubt that very, very rarely a bad rod slips by quality control.

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    Default Re: Sage Response & Approach rods

    I have cast them both in 6 weights. Good rods. My opinion of sage is very high, but im not real impressed for the buck. At that price, Id look at Echo, TFO, Elkhorn...ect. I just dont think the sage is any better, and I think you can get a better rod for the same cash. That said, both of those rods throw very nice flies, and you can count on the reputation, and dealer net. Just think you pay for the name

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