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    My experience with rods in double digit weights is extremely limited. I would consider a Redington Predator. I have an 8wt and it is a great rod. I have wanted to get a 12 to play with too...

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    Sage bass 2 peacock

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    Thomas and Thomas Horizon II, it's a piece of art that lands big fish.

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    Tarpon rods are hard to build. I have been out with Captains that have prototype testers aboard and seen how easily some break. 12-weight is pushing the limit of fly fishing...yes, tarpon eat flies and are true fly rod gamefish but...they are hugely powerful! Hoop strength and longitudinal strain strength are paramount yet the rod must be castable too. Many early graphite and boron graphite composit rods which used fiberglass scrim had the strength but were pool cues to cast. Some newer designs which are much lighter and thinner walled, cast very well and explode when the angler or the tarpon makes an unexpected move. I was on a very productive trip to Islamorada some years back with two friends; we hooked a great number of tarpon and, in one week, broke 5 rods. I have a piece of one sitting on my desk as I write this to remind myself of that adventure. The successful tarpon rods of today are designed and built by tarpon fanatic anglers; Scott S3s, Sage Xi3, G.Loomis NRX & Crosscurrent GLX, Hardy Proaxis are not inexpensive but are built for tarpon...the new T&T may well be too, I have no experience with it but the renewed company has tarpon genetics.

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    We've been outfitting clients and guides (we're outfitters not guides) with tarpon sticks for over 15 years. (Okay personally, I've only been doing it for 7) Over that time we've learned a lot. What we reccommend currently is based on the client's financial status. Low end: the TFO TiCrX....hands down the toughest, and the best warranty in the business. Top end Sage Xi3. Always multipiece models for traveling. As far as breaking rods.....we've seen them ALL break....even 16wt rods. Its almost always user letting it bounce around unprotected during the ride to and from the flats.

    Just as important is the reel. If there is a critter that swims more capable of burning out a drag than a big Silver King (Okay maybe a Mako Shark)........

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