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cboz76 09-25-2012 10:50 PM

Best 12wt Flyrod?
Im stuck deciding which fly rod to get. I've been looking at Sage, G Loomis Crosscurent GLX and Orvis Helios. Any suggestions on what rod I should get?

grassonfly 09-26-2012 06:39 AM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
Theories Helios has been known to be very weak and they break quite often.

cboz76 09-26-2012 08:59 AM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
Interesting, Maybe that's why they are coming out with a Helios 2 that has 25% more strength.

MoscaPescador 09-26-2012 10:15 AM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
The best 12 weight is the one that throws the payload that you want to throw. Add a Scott S4S and a Hardy ProAxis to your list. Find some fly shops, and cast some rods.


cboz76 09-26-2012 12:26 PM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
So far the nicest one I've thrown is the G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX, but I will check those two out.

sweetandsalt 09-27-2012 08:16 AM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
Also add to your list G.Loomis NRX and note that both it and the excellent Hardy Proaxis are available as one piece rods for maximum performance. Most of us travel to where tarpon swim though so the 4 piece models win out. The Sage Xi3 should be a contender too.

PS: I have only fished the Scott S3s in an 8-weight but agreee with MP that it too could be a rod to consider. It is very well built.

gatortransplant 09-27-2012 01:16 PM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
When it comes to 12wts as listed, you really will not mind the weight of the Helios in your hand... casting a 12wt all day is no bueno, so any advantage in weight reduction is awesome. Sure, people break Helios(es?) but tarpon tend to be able to break ANY rod, specifically when the operator does things like sliding his/her hand off the cork and up the blank to get extra leverage. Giant fish magnify operator error and any high-performance, ultra-light rod runs the risk of exploding on a fish if the operator does something incorrect. Nowadays a lot of guides are using straight leaders for tarpon rather than integrating taper or class tippets. This means that if the tarpon does not cut the line with a gill-plate rub or the like and puts a lot of force on the set-up as they are want to do, that the rod will take a LOT of extra force that would usually be absorbed by the leader popping. Cboz, if you can wait and you're in the market for a high-performance rod, give the November-released Helios 2 a shot. Rumor has it the new series is super slick. But then again, the NRX is pretty badass too. As is the Proaxis... Cast them all if you can, then go with your favorite, and remember that with the fish one often chases on a 12wt that customer service and warranty may quickly become your best friend.

grassonfly 09-27-2012 01:21 PM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
Go on hardyz website and check out the testing of the proaxis on sharks it'll make the descision easy

gatortransplant 09-27-2012 01:37 PM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
As a sidenote, anyone that has realized that they no longer want to travel with their one piece NRX or ProAxis are more than welcome to send it to my parents' place in Florida as an act of charity. I will gladly send you a strongly-worded, awkwardly emotional thank you letter and send you photos of whatever tarpon eat flies presented with it :D

stl_geoff 09-27-2012 02:44 PM

Re: Best 12wt Flyrod?
Why not a Ross Essence 12wt? they can ge had for cheap. The buddy who owns a local fly shop uses a an Essence 10wt as his go to tarpon rod. He has caught a great many fish with it including a 110 pounder this summer.

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