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    Default Re: is my rod breaking/defective? or is this normal? pics included

    Quote Originally Posted by romanl View Post
    does anyone know what kind of sales ORVIS has during black friday (day after thanksgiving?) ill be in Denver that day and they have a store there. so if its worth it, ill go
    so i just went to the store, guy helping me was very nice, so thumbs up on customer service.
    I don't know about after Thanksgiving, but they are running something this coming weekend, it's Orvis Days or something like that. It might be worth a call to the Cherry Creek or Park Meadows stores to see if they have a sale going. If you're on their mailing list you would have recently received some $25 off coupons, I already know what mine are going towards If you didn't get them, it would be worth an ask if you call.
    - William

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    Default Re: is my rod breaking/defective? or is this normal? pics included

    ^^^o thanks for the tip , i actually just signed up on their list on sunday when dropping of my busted rod, so only got $10 off $50 purchase,
    but not $25, i hope i get that, because i do want those new waders
    i will give them a call this week to ask about my rod status and about any sales

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    Default Re: is my rod breaking/defective? or is this normal? pics included

    UPDATE: WOW i just got a package from Brown Santa (UPS)
    ORVIS has sent me a brand new rod instead of fixing the one i sent back.
    and i am very happy and very impressed with their customer service.
    i dropped it of at the store on 9.30 and got new rod today 10.16..... thats 2 weeks & 2 days. very happy wiht ORVIS customer service.

    this past weekend i even got a loaner rod to with this past weekend from the shop ACCESS 865-4 i really like it too. and the store manager even allowed me to keep it through this whole week since im going on another trip this coming up weekend again. but now that i got my rod in the mail i will call and ask if he needs loaner back or if i can still use it this weekend. would be great way to cast and compare them side by side.

    thats it, im just another satisfied ORVIS customer.

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