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Thread: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

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    Default Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    I been thinking about making the plunge into purchasing a Bamboo rod for the experience, how many others fish with Bamboo rods and what do you like about it?
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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    won't help much...I take my bamboo rod out twice a year...what can I's pleasant to cast and to look atused my boo/graphite rod a couple of times for the same reason(I mean the first one)

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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    I will also be of little help, but figured I'd offer my thoughts. I have one bamboo, a 7'6" 4wt with an unknown taper. I love it. First time casting it was a trip, feeling the rod flex down to the grip. Took me a bit to slow down and not rush the cast, but I've found it a joy and have landed some big fish on it. I'm finishing a 9' bamboo (bought the blank) and have lawn cast it. I like it with a 5wt line on it right now and found I was throwing some nice tight loops. I look forward to getting it on the water.

    Hopefully folks who have a lot of experience will weigh in, but as a novice, I'm really enjoying it.
    - William

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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    I'm like JP. I have to be in a mood to fish one.
    I'm more of a fiberglass kinda guy and I feel like I'm "putting on airs" when I break out one of my cane rods.

    On the other hand, my fishing partner builds himself a new one from scratch every year and won't fish with anything else.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    I fish bamboo all the time and much prefer them to graphite. The only exception for me is if I am fishing from a drift boat. Just too many things that can happen in a drift boat for me to want to use my bamboos. If you like send me a PM and I will provide some recommendations on present day makers I have used. What kind of bamboo are you looking to buy?

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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods


    I fish bamboo rods maybe 40% of the time I trout fish. I have rods from 7' to 8'3" in 3, 4 and 5wts. I find there is far more difference in a bamboo rod even of the same taper and from the same maker than there is with graphite rods. I like the "feel" the bamboo rods transmit and also, with the rods I have chosen, more tip protection for light tippets. Bamboo rods are generally "slower" in action than most graphite but that doesn't mean all, or even most, are noodles. I personally don't like bamboo rods 6wt and heavier although many do. Graphite performs better in the heavier weights for me and I never fish saltwater with a bamboo rod. A quality rod is generally going to be more expensive than a graphite rod.

    They are generally heavier than graphite rods of the same line weight so a heavier reel that will balance the rod is a consideration. Important in buying any rod, but more so with bamboo IMO is to have the ability to cast the rod before a final purchase regardless how handsome the rod is. Some you may like and others will be dogs for you.

    Some people have been known to say they fish bamboo rods because they make them "smile". A lot of generalizations above and there are many exceptions. In my experience people who fish bamboo rods do so for many personal, subjective reasons. Only by trying one will you know if the rod makes you smile.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    Golfnfish said it best there. Alot of folks I know feel like Riptide and that I think is due to alot of modern day makers getting crazy with the cutom wraps, engraved seats and ferrules, agate guides and all the bling you could imagine. Adding that ****, to me, is like putting a GPS mount on the dash of a 32 Ford Coupe! If you're into a slower paced style of fishing and you love the cast then try one out, you might just become a cane addict!
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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    I am personally of the belief that a well constructed 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 foot boo will out fish graphite or glass in small stream fishing situations. I have yet to find a shorter graphite that isn't too fast or doesn't have a sloppy tip (messes up accuracy) and most glass rods don't have balls when you reach back in them. A good short boo taper like a Dickerson 6911, Summers 725, or Young midge is the boss for small stream fishing. I can put a fly down soft, but when necessary punch a 35 foot cast into the wind with a bulky attractor. The only time I don't use a boo on a small steam is the smokeys where old klutzes like me fall down to easy. I break out the glass in those cases.

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    Look at the Pine River series by Steve Pennington. Here in Iowa, his rods are well regarded and are fished by a lot of us in the Driftless area. His bamboo rods go for around $400 and are fantastic. I purchased one earlier this year and couldn't be happier with its craftsmanship and how it fishes. A terrific rod to have introduced me to bamboo!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on fishing with Bamboo rods

    Boo's are a total joy to cast. Piece of 'Nature' in your hand?
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