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    Default Re: Looking for 10' #3?

    Dave, I've been thinking about that same rod for a while...seems like such a perfect nymph rod. The Sage euro-nymph or whatever they call it sounds pretty nice. Just can't decide if I want a dedicated nymph rod.

    Curious who the famous Montanan is that made the recommendation...

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    Default Re: Looking for 10' #3?

    Thasnk for the replies and the IMs. My wife ordered one from Allens, she must have gotten the last one.. so I'll wait until I can try hers

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    Default Re: Looking for 10' #3?

    Just bought the Echo Shadow PE 10' 3wt online for a killer deal found here Customer Reviews of Echo Shadow PE Fly Fishing Rod - 4-Piece, 10. Be sure to use the 25% extra coupon code or sign up for their email ads and they will send you a 30% off coupon.

    Couldn't pass up this deal of 49% off retail price!

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