Wanted to mention this company. I recently purchased a 6'6" 3wt rod from my local fly shop here in Missouri upon a recommendation from the owner. I was not disappointed. The rod was inexpensive, coming in at a little over $100. With that I got the three piece rod and a tube. I took it out to the trout park and it performed really well. I enjoyed fighting smaller stockers with it.

Also purchased one of their reels to go with it. The reel is graphite with a decent little drag on it.

I'm far from an expert, so take this all with a grain of salt, but I would say check them out. I know I'll probably look into their ultra-travel rods next spring when I look into getting a new 5 wt.

These appear to be serviceable little rods that won't break the bank. For someone like me who only takes his fly rod out 10-20 times a year, it's perfect and a great improvement over the BPS or Cabela's low price models that seem to proliferate in that price point.