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    Default Redington Voyant or Torrent

    Hey Folks,

    I am currently using a 4 weight CT for my all around rod for dries and light weight nymph rigs. I am however looking to upgrade to a 5 weight rod that can handle some streamers and slightly heavier nymph rigs. (My 4 weight will do small streamers, but struggles with anything above a size 8). I'm looking at either a Redington Voyant, or Torrant. Does anyone have any experience with these two rods? If so what is your opinion? Also, what is the action on them? I prefer a medium to medium fast action rod.



    P.S. in the future after I've auctioned an internal organ I intent to buy a good nymph rod, anyone know anything about the Echo Shadow, or St. Croix High stick Drifter?

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    Default Re: Redington Voyant or Torrent

    I do NOT have knowledge of those rods.

    If you're looking for a Redington on the faster side, however, the RS4 series seems to be selling for around 100 bucks at some of the discount sites and they are very nice rods. Just a thought...

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    Default Re: Redington Voyant or Torrent

    not sure where Redington CPX falls on your list, but there's a huge sale for them right now on
    4pc and higher wt rods are about 45-50% off
    and some of the 2 pc rods are $130 (retail for 300) so more then 50%

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    Default Re: Redington Voyant or Torrent

    Well I don't know what action the CPX is, but if it's a medium-fast action i'll check it out. I've owned one fast action rod and I really didn't care for it. I've also tried out a few fast action rods in sotres, and I really just don't like the feel of them. The CT I own is more of a medium, so something just a little faster than that would be great, if the CPX is like that that'd be awesome.

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    How fast are we talking about exactly for the RS4?

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    Just checked out the CPX, it's a fast action.

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    So is the RS4.

    Thanks for the advice guys, but I'm really after a medium-fast action.

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    Default Re: Redington Voyant or Torrent

    If you are looking for medium fast, you will absolutely hate the CPX.

    Sorry. I have only casted the Voyant. It really isn't that fast compared to other rods on the market.

    If you want medium to medium fast price pointed options, look at the Sage Approach, the Redington Tempt, and the Ross Essence FC. If you haven't read other threads, the Tempt is the Classic Trout model with a new name.

    Here's a reality. The best way to figure out which rod is best for you is to cast a few models yourself. Find yourself a fly shop or tackle dealer that will allow you to cast a few rods.

    If you don't have a fly shop or tackle dealer, good luck on your search.


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    I don't have any experience with the 2 listed but seem to have about every other Redington rod made, lol. I would suggest going with a 6wt over a 5. The 5 isn't going to give you that much of a noticeable horsepower advantage over your 4. For slinging big woolies and bead heads I like a 6.

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