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    Hey new to the forums, and posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. He has acquired these two Rods from his late father. And he knows that they are old but trying to also make sure we don't sell them to the wrong person. We feel these Rods if they were to be sold need to go to someone who would truly can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into them.

    1) Orvis Impregnated 2879 9' 3pc 18/12, 2 tips 5 7/8 oz with Original Case

    2) Gearge K Smith 7' 2pc 2 tips, Columbus O. 12-25-38 Rodcraft 1336, 7' 2 7/8 oz

    I am really just looking for any history or information about these rods and there potential value. They are both in excellent condition.!1201

    Thank you all for you time,

    Ryan Perlman

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    I looked into this and there's not a lot of info
    The Orvis rod is a 7wt and was made around 1947. The 2879 is the serial number and Orvis would be able to supply more information as to the actual craftsmen and the exact date it was made.

    As for the other, it looks to me as if George K Smith was the rod's owner and he got it for Christmas in 1938
    That would make "Rodcraft" the builder and I found nothing about them (or him)
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    classic fly rod forum might be able to give you some more info. they're predominantly bamboo guys over there

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    Contact Robert Selb at "The Classic Fly Fisherman". He knows all when it comes to old cane.

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    Why would he want to sell them? I'd be honored to have acquired them if my Dad had them.

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