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Thread: TFO BVK - One sweet rod!

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    What I wish was part of these performance test was actually 'playing a fish.' It's what happens beyond the cast that would make or break my love for a rod.

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    Actually BVK was in 6th place in the "performance only" chart lower in the write-up. The chart up top includes price as a scoring feature where BVK bests them all. Even at 6th in the ratings, BVK is ahead of some up-scale rods like Helios and Scott. Personally, I find ratings fun but the descriptive information about how the rods performed and felt to the casters is more valuable information. Between my bonefishing wife and I, we own 4 of the 8-weights included in this Shootout and depending on wading, casting from the skiff, wind strength or even mood (not mine, men don't have moods!) I might shuffle the order in which I rate them. Also the fine-tuned match up with the ideal line effects all rods performance and tests like these have to eliminate variables by sticking to only one line. The best bonefish rods tend to be expensive but fortunately there are a bunch of more mid-priced rods that are very good like this BVK, ECHO3, Rise Fly Fishing (out of Montauk) and others.

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    Thats one reason why I am considering the BVK. At $200, the only real complaint I got from the reviews is that it doesnt come with a tube and that it gets a little sketchy beyond 80 feet in casts. Its super light, which will help my shoulder, and can handle sink tips which is important since I am looking for this to be an all around rod.

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