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    Default Re: 8 weight question

    I will also add in a vote for the Orvis Acess. Sweet rod imho.

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    Two very good rods currently available at fantastic closeout prices are the GL-H2O from The Fly Shop in Redding, CA (so much of a clone of the Loomis GLX that Loomis made them take "GL" out of the label, hence the closeout of the old inventory at $149) and the Powell Tiboron XL from Sierra Trading Post (prices vary in the range of about $105-$145 with the constantly changing STP promotions). I own the GL-H20 in 6 and 7 weights and the Tiboron XL in 8 and 9, andI like them enough that I would buy them again if I didn't have them already, especially at those prices. The GL-H2O comes with an extra trip, which can save a ruined trip if your tip happens to snap and there's no fly shop nearby. The Powell is a little stiffer and faster, maybe a little better for saltwater and windy situations.

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