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    Hello, I know next to nothing about fly fishing. I was given a rod that I know nothing about and wanted to find more info. My google searching didn't turn up much. It's a two piece rod. It has the name Thomas and Thomas on the piece where you would attach a reel. Around the base of the rod it says Tarpon 9'/#12. It also has what I assume is a serial number on both pieces that does match. I was just curios if this was a decent rod, what it would be used for, and an approximate value.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Question about Thomas and Thomas rod

    Not sure about the name,but the tarpon 9' #12 would suggest a rod for larger species of fish and I'm guessing salt water fishing. No idea on the value. i'm sure someone here will know. Sit tight.
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    Thomas & Thomas

    You can go to their web site, contact customer service, give them the serial number and they will tell you the age and perhaps value of the rod. From the information you have provided, the 9' is the length and the #12 is the line size/weight which, as its name indicates, is used for very large fish like tarpon that can easily be in excess of 100 pounds. This is at the very large end of specialty fly rods and is used most often in Florida and parts of the Caribbean during the spring migration of these formidable fish. To a lesser extent, anglers pursuing juvenile bluefin tuna in the NE use a rod like this too.

    Oh and, yes, T&T is a very high quality rod.

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    Already got good it's a 2piece rod I guess it must be a rod made some years ago...Rip should give more infos when he sees your post...if he doesn't which would be surprising, pm him

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    It may be a Horizon from the 1995 era. The Horizon II followed.

    Gary Borger designed the Horizon, don't know who designed the Horizon II. Check for "Horizon" or "HS" on the rod.

    Thomas and Thomas 10wt graphites

    Best 12wt Flyrod?


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