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Thread: Bamboo Help

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    I am interested in trying a bamboo rod. Can any of you direct me on brands, cost, etc. for a moderate cost stick?? I am looking for an older rod (7-8', around a 4 weight) that I can get into for a low cost to determine if I like the style of rod.

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    Hi scottiecoach,

    You have a little problem that low cost and bamboo don't go together very well. Your best bet would be a Heddon or South Bend bamboo rod. These are on the low end of bamboo rods. I would do a search on Ebay if you buy from Ebay. Another good way to go is to buy a bamboo kit from one of the builders. You can buy kits with the strips glued and ferrules already installed. You would have to wrap the guides and install a handle.

    I got to tell you that old bamboo rods will usually have a set to them and as they age the action gets softer. I have one Heddon bamboo rod that was a "C" weight when I bought it new and after several years of hard use I had to go down to a "D" weight.


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    The problem with the older bamboos (less expensive ones) is that they are HEAVY! and not much fun at all.
    There are a lot of custom builders out there.
    Cabelas is now carrying Highland Mills. They are Tea Sticks, but you can pick one up and feel how they feel. I really like them. Light weight.
    If you do like the feel, e-mail me at I have a 7' 4wt two piece two tip you might like.

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    I tried to email you, but it was sent back. I am interested in getting some more info from you and you can email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottiecoach View Post
    I tried to email you, but it was sent back. I am interested in getting some more info from you and you can email me at
    We just went to comcast so I can also be reached at

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    I am on my Mac Book so I don't have all my pictures but here are some I do have of the Tea Stick.

    Pictures don't show the beautiful FLAMING it has.

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