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    Default Re: Sage Circa 479 or 489

    Quote Originally Posted by comeonavs View Post
    Thanks Jaybo, now you have me reading about the Circa's

    To the OP how do you like your rod ?
    I got my 479 Circa, and although it is still winter were I live, I went fishing. I must say that still I have not used for what it is intended to be (dry flies), but still the rod felt quite nicely even when casting nymph rigs, which included an indicator, one weighted nymph and a small nymph at the tail. I must say that the rod is extremely light, and it took a while for me to get used to the slower casting stroke that it requires, but once I got it, I could put my nymphs almost every where I wanted withing a range of about 50 feet. This is by far the most precise fly rod I have used. I still have not used it on windy conditions. Another really nice thing about the rod is that is extremely sensitive, once you hook a fish, even a small one, you can fell every single twist and turn. Over all I think it is a great rod, for what it is intended for, I would not recommend the Circa if you want an all arounder rod, but it is without any doubt a a very special rod, like nothing I have ever casted before.

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    Default Re: Sage Circa 479 or 489

    Thank you Dagumer,

    When I started out I had an all purpose rod and as the addiction increased so did the collection of specialty rods. I tend to have a rod or rods for certain places I fish.

    Maybe one of these will join the arsenal some day, or dare I say I venture out and drink some Winston Kool Aid
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    Default Re: Sage Circa 479 or 489

    479 would be my choice,but I'd rather just buy an Orvis SuperFine and save a bunch of money.
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