The Grey's XF2 STREAMFLEX is listed below. I'd go 9', 3wt with the Greys.
The Orvis Superfine is below the next link below that one..but I'd go with a 9' , 4wt if I went with the Orvis Superfine.Then the link below that is a 9', South Fork glass rod. Slow action,,but that's all the way up to a 5wt for a 9ft rod. What's ya'll's thoughts on these rods for slow action,,,as in how do they compare,,strong points and weak points...esp for dry fly rods.

Greys Fly - Products - Flyfishing Rods - Single Handed - XF2 Streamflex

Fly Rods / Superfine Touch 4-weight 9' Fly Rod—Full Flex -- Orvis

South Fork Rod C9052 SFRC Classic 9ft 2pc 5wt : Classic Rods