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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    Yup, hands down another happy Eagle Claw owner here. It was given to me, but I would definitly pay the 20 bucks for another. I'll probably use it to teach my daughter when she's old enough since I wont care if it breaks or she chucks it due to lost intrest.
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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    Quote Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
    You would think they would put a ruler on higher-end rods too, wouldn't you? Or at least some discrete markings at measured intervals. Maybe people who shell out many $hundreds for a rod want to preserve the ability to judge distances for themselves, but on the other hand, a ruler with a reduced scale (say, 12 measured inches = 9 honest inches) might command an even bigger premium.
    I can hear the screams now if Sage or Winston did this on their high-end rods.

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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    9ft 5wt 2 pc St Croix Premier...what would now probably be the Rio Santo but was still american made then. Probably most special because it was my first fly rod and was bought by then girlfriend, now wife. Great beginner rod!

    9ft 5/6wt 2pc Cortland CL (?)...bought for the wife so she could come fishing with me. A really sweet rod for the price, surprisingly smooth. I think Cortland is often overlooked as a good recommendation for a cheap first rod. Would still own it if it was a 4 pc.
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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    I have 2 Quarrow 9' 7 weight rods that I bought for 56 dollars each delivered. I had broken a $385.00 Grey's Platinum X 9'6" and needed a replacement while I waited repairs. I liked the Quarrow so much I bought the second one so I would always have a backup of the original. axle27 has a 5 weight for sale in the classifieds right now if you want to try one. They are not the equal of a 400 dollar rod but are close enough and I have caught somewhere around 100 salmon on my 7 weight. I also use it for trout but it is my small water salmon rod primarily.

    Here's the link to Robert's rod, they are no longer available but at the price I don't believe you can go wrong. They are very nicely finished and fish well.


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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    OK, I'll play along and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Mine is my 15' 10/11 wt. Albright. I love this rod.

    Now for the second 'bird' in this. There have been a lot of people seriously bad mouthing Albright saying their stuff is only or barely worth the sale price. That is pure unadulterated BS.

    Now as for the "fun" thread that inspired this, I found that to be increadibly annoying as well. When people start saying things like the Winston BIIX is the worst rod they ever cast, I am forced to wonder what the they are talking about. I would much rather see a thread like this.

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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    mine would be an albright as well.
    a little 7'6" 4 weight that i payed 45.00 for.
    its a proud member of my quiver and i still fish it quite often(has a systen one on it now).

    catchin a little lunch up in ak a couple summers ago



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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    Quote Originally Posted by mikel View Post
    Not mine, but I bought one for a friend....Featherlite by Eagle Claw. I got him a 6'6" 4/5 for under $40 and he fishes it all summer on small E Sierra creeks. It's even an ugly yellow and has a ruler on it. Great rod for 40 bucks.
    Great post Mike, theres not a thing wrong with a soft rod, light landing of the fly with a great touch. We should get together for coffee, coffee 9 lets do it.


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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    I fish mostly vintage fiberglass in fresh water but I guess that those don't count even though not one of them cost more than $35

    For saltwater I put together a PacBay RainForest 8wt for $60. That's my regular go-to in big water.
    Specifically for the surf, I use a $25, 10', 8wt IM6 that I got from Sportsman's Guide. I've since rebuilt it (around $15) and after adding the extra guides it's now an 11wt.

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    .... the Sportman's Guide rod

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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    Nice rod, Rip. And that is a really, really rustic looking cell phone tower !

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    Default Re: Best/Cheap rod you have

    Quote Originally Posted by oarfish View Post
    Great post Mike, theres not a thing wrong with a soft rod, light landing of the fly with a great touch. We should get together for coffee, coffee 9 lets do it.

    How about Weds morning sometime? I'll need the caffeine after Christmas.

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