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    Default Re: Inexpensive 8wts (Allen, Rise, etc)

    My vote is for the TFO Axiom. My 8wt is an absolute rocket launcher!..This has become my go-to rod for the flats bonefish I so desperatly seek out. This stick is not for the timid or weak of heart, It likes to be worked, and worked hard..Really shines in the 20 mph breezes that frequent the Belize flats. Takes 1-2 lb boneys all the way to 70lb+ tarpon W/O batting a guide..(eye)?
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    Default Re: Inexpensive 8wts (Allen, Rise, etc)

    I have five 8wts but the rod that's built on this blank it the rod that I use most of the time
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    Default Re: Inexpensive 8wts (Allen, Rise, etc)

    Okay, I ordered the Redington CPX 9' 6" from STP for $159.22 with free shipping on the daily deal special. Hope it's not too much rod for my casting skills.

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    At the end of the day it came down to the fact that I could get the Reddington in 9'6", and the CPX is a known quantity, established reputation for both quality and durability, and lots of reviews/write-ups... oh, and it was a pretty good deal. I was tempted by the Allen Compass for the price point, Allen's rep for good gear at a good price, and frankly, the color. I was tempted by the Rise because of price point and their business model (20% of profits go to conservation and outreach), and their relative obscurity. But there just wasn't enough info about either to buy them site unseen.

    Oh, and I cancelled the SA Pro, and picked up the Hardy WF8F for dirt cheap... couldn't find much info on that either. Next up will an intermediate sinking line and a spare spool for the Okuma, and a furled leader or two

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