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Thread: 9ft 5wt Z-Axis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    I have one; it fishes well in both the Eastern and Western US, Chilean Patagonia, North Honshu and the Languedoc.

    It's still my favorite 9'0" 5 wt. and I put a Sage One back in the rack two Summers ago after comparison casting the two.

    If you can get one at a good price, I doubt that you'll ever be disappointed in the purchase.

    I can testify...for the Languedoc northern part of it

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    Default Re: 9ft 5wt Z-Axis

    It was my first fly rod (now I have a few more) and I like it alot. I use it primarily in nj for trout and paired it with a hatch 3. Seems to like GPX line.

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    Default Re: 9ft 5wt Z-Axis

    The 590 Z-Axis was the first premium fly rod I'd ever cast. I'd fished Sage rods and owned them, but never their premium lines. Once I cast that rod I knew what I was missing. The rest, as they say, is history.

    I rarely fish a 5 wt but it is one of 2 in my quiver. The other an older Sage SP 589-5 (also a wonderful rod). It's my heavy wind stick in the midwest. It's my go to when I'm fishing big water and throwing multiple nymph and big indie rigs on rivers out west. Ironically, that day I first cast it I was on a tiny Wisconsin creek throwing nice tight loops from my knees with a size 18 or 20 midge so it's far from a big river, nymph & streamer rod exclusively. It can be just as comfortable fishing close on small midwest streams and rivers, but I've other rods in my quiver that I reach for first - simply because a 5 is too much stick.

    I love the stick.


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    Default Re: 9ft 5wt Z-Axis

    Double Post

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    Default Re: 9ft 5wt Z-Axis

    The 5wt Z Axis was my first high end rod that I bought when I first started fly fishing. It is still my favorite all purpose rod for almost anything I come across in Arkansas. I have cast the sage one but my I prefer my Z. You can't go wrong with it.


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