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Thread: Orvis Deschutes

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    Can anyone give me some info. on a orvis model called Deschutes. The info. on the butt cap says Orvis Deschutes 9foot 4oz. (7) 0888.The rod tube says western series plus the previous info. Thanks

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    orvis would be your best bet to contact about that.

    call the manchester Vt shop and they'll likely have detailed records!

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    "Orvis Deschutes 9foot 4oz. (7) 0888"

    The Western Series rods of the 1980's were among the best graphite rods of their day. Honest form-follows-function rods with unsanded blanks, dark red wraps and matte anodized aluminum hardware, they were Orvis's most sophisticated tapers up to and, perhaps for quite a while, beyond that point. The Deschutes is a brawling, high desert steelhead and rainbow "redside" trout river in Oregon, 9', 7-weight designation is clear enough and the numerical inscription on the butt cap simply means the rod was built in August of 1988. Even today, this rod would be a fine streamer or big stonefly tossing the East as well as the West.

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    BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,how would it cast in the southern hemisphere ?

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    Well, a couple years before that rod was built I took Orvis Western Series rods to the Argentine. Opening their cases in the Southern Hemisphere I was shocked to discover that the resin residue beneath the curing tape which formed a spiral pattern around the blank in these unsanded rods had reversed direction! I caught the largest brown trout of my life on one of those rods...over 8 Kilos.

    A couple of years after this rod was built, I returned to Patagonia but this time with an arm load of just introduced Sage RPL's. My Argentine friends would not permit me to leave their country with those rods which they considered the most amazing rods they had ever cast. I was lucky to escape with the 5-weight which I fished as my primary trout rod for a number of seasons.

    That RPL series was the emergence of Sage as a World Power and Orvis has been striving to catch up ever since.

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