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derelict 01-15-2013 05:01 PM

Feedback: T&T Vector
Hey, Ive been trying to find a good 8 weight. Ran across a Vector, 3 piece, 9' 8 weight at a good price. I started the search and have not found a lot of information. I know its a little more progressive and although listed as fast, people say its a medium fast. I emailed T&T about warranty claims on a used rod and was told it was about $125 per section (about the same as Sage) if anything were to happen to it.

Anyone have any experience with them? People have said it was a rode before its time in that it was a little softer than the super stiff rods at the time. I currently use a Sage Flight and have a love/ hate relationship with it. Its a 5 weight and now that I have lined it with Rio Grande, its better for my casting style. This makes me think a slightly slower, more flexy rod is good.

sweetandsalt 01-16-2013 08:09 AM

Re: Feedback: T&T Vector
I have no experience with Vector but T&T builds fine rods, if the action suits you, with the best finish work in the industry. The reason 8-weights and up have gotten stiffer in the tip over time is a function of how they are used. With he exception of steelhead and large mouth bass fishing, most #8's see time in the salt where a fast recovering tip and substantial low end grunt facilitate accurate long distance fly presentations. Quicker recovering tips generate higher line speed and smoother, tighter loops which not only aid distance but dealing with wind as well. Still, a little feeling in the tip never hurt anyone as long as tracking and recovery rate are not impacted.

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