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Thread: Line for Scott 9ft 6wt S4

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    Arrow Line for Scott 9ft 6wt S4

    Does anyone have a 9ft 6wt S4 or know a good line for it? Mostly trout and some smallies and steelhead

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    Default Re: Line for Scott 9ft 6wt S4

    I had that same blank, but had it in a fighting butt configuration.

    It was awesome with a SA Textured Mag Taper for Smallies.

    I recently got a Cortland BOSS for my Thomas & Thomas NS5, thus far, I am very impressed with that line, maybe something you would want to try.

    I guess it would likely depend on your personal preference and what type of fishing you wanted to do more than anything though.

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    My S3 #4 likes a 1/2 size heavy line; I have it rigged with GPX. KWB is using the Magnum also a 1/2 heavy line. RIO Grande would also be in this catagory.

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    I too have rio grande on my fast action 6wt and it casts great!

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    If you go on Scott's website they have a list of the lines intended to be used on each rod. If you don't see one you like, give them a call they are always more than happy to help. They've helped me with all four of mine

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