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Thread: Dynaflex Fly rod

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    I recently called a classified ad on fly fishing gear,nothing interested me except the gentleman mentioned a fly rod that he said only had Dynaflex e hill 6 on the rod.He said he thought it was fiberglass,unfortunately he did not send me a picture yet.Does anyone know anything about that rod.Also, he said the reel seat was also cork. Thank You for any input.

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    E Hille was a sporting goods store in Williamsport, PA. The store burned down about 2 yrs ago and don't think they reopened. Don't know anything about Dynaflex outside that they would put custom store stickers on the rods. Not much help but it's a start anyway.

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    Dave, thanks for the info. I got the picture the other day,the rod looks pretty beat up.I think I'll pass.

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