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Thread: 7wt grips

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    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    OK,,all that sermon aside,,does the full wells REALLY give you better leverage for your grip,,esp your thumb ?
    I don't really put my thumb on top anyway, so it does not help me. I built a 9 wt one time for myself that has a half wells grip. I did it because I liked the smaller grip. I grew up in the Mountains of Colorado and was used to that style grip. I use a lot of big rods and got used to them, but personally I don't see a problem with it if that's what you want.

    Come to think of it, when you fight a fish you put the force with your fingers on the bottom of the grip so it isn't really needed there either. I can't see a real reason you would be required to have a full wells grip.

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    [quote=fly_guy12955;520988]OK,,all that sermon aside,,does the full wells REALLY give you better leverage for your grip,,esp your thumb ?

    For me and my old hands a full wells works the best, I turn my own cork and like them a little larger than the grips you get in a production rod and I'll add I do own production rods the lightest a 5wt which has a half wells and it works fine for me also but I'm a full handled person, if you would like to pm me I can hook you up with a affordable well known custom builder that can fill you needs with what you want to fish for and give you a beautiful rod.


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    I really like the look of the half wells as well but I prefer the full wells when casting lots of line. I end up putting fulls on all of my rods down to 6wt. One of the advantages of building your own is building the using handles the way you want rather than what is "traditional". You can make slimmer profile full wells or thicker halfs to suite you hands and sense of balance.


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