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  1. Default Echo Carbon 8' 6" 4 Weight

    Just ordered it from flyshop closeouts for $85 (50% off). I really needed it to keep my other five "4 weights" company. Aside from my disease of buying flyrods I don't need - anyone have any experience with this particular rod ? I also wanted to own one of rajeff's sticks and I read a good review of this model on a UK site.

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    Default Re: Echo Carbon 8' 6" 4 Weight

    I love this rod and I always pick it up when I am in the shop. I don't need it, but it would be a good back up to my zxl. I am tempted at that price

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    Default Re: Echo Carbon 8' 6" 4 Weight

    I saw those and the Ions on that site and am currently fighting the temptation. If I hadn't just bought that Redington CT 4wt I'd be all up on that. But I'm casting longing glances at that Ion 6wt with the fighting butt.

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