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    Default Predator;Edge;Shorestalker

    All 7 wt's.;kinda leaning towards the G loomis Shorestalker.
    Is it the name that has caught my eye and are either of the other 2 as good?
    I fish mostly smallmouth and chain pickerel and I can buy these rods within $50 or each other.
    If people say the Echo edge,they have 2 models in that weight.Seeing as I fish mostly out of a boat would the 9' be better than the 8'4?

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    Default Re: Predator;Edge;Shorestalker

    I'm actually looking at the Echo Edge 84 in a 6 weight. It is 8'4" and I would primarily use it as a creek rod for smallmouth. I stuck an Echo Ion 6/7 reel on one the other day at Cabela"s and really like the feel. Seemed very balanced. I have not cast one but that has been the case with the several of my rods. I'll probably getit one day this week, get it lined up, and do some lawn casting. I'll let you know what i think afterwards. My bigest question is what line I'm going to put on it, I'm leaning towards SA Bass Bug taper right now.

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    Default Re: Predator;Edge;Shorestalker

    I own the 6wt shorestalker and use it for small and largemouth and pickerall. I really doubt there's much in the way of a fly or a distance that the 6wt wouldn't handle versus the 7wt. I fish it out of my boat...8'6" works just fine. The thing is an accurate cannon.

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    Default Re: Predator;Edge;Shorestalker

    My choice was the echo 84 in a 8wt. I like it very much. Fish it mostly from a boat. Very lite rod much liter than my 890 rplx sage which I sold after getting the echo and I have a St Croix elite in 9ft.7wt that also use for streamers with a sinking line that is nice also.

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    Default Re: Predator;Edge;Shorestalker

    Decided on a 7wt shorestalker;7wt Orvis bass taper;and a new Ross flystart reel.
    If I kept on reading about different combos,I would of been even more confused.
    By the time it arrives the pickerel should be spawning in the shallows.

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