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    Default Re: 4 piece of 2 piece rod

    Quote Originally Posted by dabluz View Post
    Thanks guys. I feel relieved. I will go for a 5 weight rod around 8 1/2 feet long ( 8 to 9 feet ). I am quite sure that I will feel a great difference when compared to the 7 weight rod. Yes....I will definitely go with a 4 piece rod even though I can fit a 12 foot rod just inside the gunwale of my Sportspal canoe.

    There are literally many thousands of small lakes in my region that are crammed full of brook trout and these lake rarely see more than 1 fisherman every year. I like hiking into these tiny lakes and fishing from a small inflatable boat when I can't carry my canoe. There are places that I go to that take 1 to 8 hours of paddling and portaging to get to. Ok....I admit that an 8 hour expedition is something I haven't done in a couple of years.

    The 4 piece rod will fit real well in a pack sack when I am using my ATV or off-road bike.
    Dabluz, sitting here in the middle of winter and reading your comments about your Sportspal and the abundance of trout makes my mouth water. It brings back memories of last season with my Sportspal and evening paddles on a nearby lake (minus the trout) and the enjoyment I realized having a fly rod in my hands. I find that fish are always a few yards farther that I can cast. I think a 9' 5wt is a good choice. My 9' is a Sage RPL and it suits me. Good luck next season.

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    Default Re: 4 piece of 2 piece rod

    Quote Originally Posted by wjc View Post
    Good to hear that all the lakes, ponds and brooks are still loaded with brookies. I was 14 when we went up there, and a game warden came by where we were camped next to the road. He told me and my buddy (that my folks let me take with us) to keep all the trout we could eat from the brooks because they were overpopulated.

    It was a great trip - though my dad was worried about breaking an axle on the washboard road getting there.

    Hi Jim,

    Did you fish in my region....Chicoutimi....about 3 hours north of Quebec City?

    Yes....the fishing is ridiculously easy up here. The limit of 20 brook trout of any size is easy to catch. I have a video of my son catching 5 or 6 trout in 5 minutes and he is a beginner fly fisherman. I also have a video of the mayflies in the evening. There were so many that the moving fly rod would knock a bunch of them into the water at my feet and the trout were madly eating them all up. This was the 28 of July last summer. No big trout but most were about 10 inches long.

    20 miles north of Chicoutimi, there are no towns or villages all the way to Hudson's Bay. The main lumber roads are usually in decent shape but other than that, the roads are rough. The rougher they get the fewer people who go there.

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