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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    My rods are like Buck Shot on a 30" radius at 28 meters. Once I added the Spey line up I have all sorts of numbers. So the answer is both

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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    Never thought about it till Pocono posted it. Seems the majority are 5, 9 and 11s ! The next in line is 8s and a smattering of 3,4,6,7 and 12s . Guess that makes me lean towards the odd side. Been told that before . All I know if you fish salt , salmon and steel you can never have enough 9s! For more reason than one!
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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    I think it all starts with your first fly rod. Mine was a 6wt. The next few were evens, a 2, 4 and 8, only because that made sense - expanding the arsenal wider early, in reasonable increments.

    So, initially, I was an even.

    Then after a few were in the quiver and my fishing matured (that makes me giggle hysterically to even suggest), I began filling in the holes with odds, and fishing with them more, mostly because they were new and purchased with a better idea of what I needed (length, speed, etc.).

    So, I became an odd.

    Next, I went back and supplemented my evens using my new-found knowledge. Acquired a variety within each weight.

    So, ultimately, I became poor.

    I think that many here will have followed that same progression.

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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    My first time visiting this thread...a thread that could only flourish in the dead of winter. We are an "odd lot", us fly fishers, but like Dan, I have every line weight from #4 - 12 except for #11 (but I covet the one piece Proaxis #11). I select a quiver for a given environment based on the rods' personalities (performance characteristics and feel) not line weight. I don't think in terms like "how much different can a #4 be from #5 and if I have a #5 why have a #6?" I have a #4 more potent than many a #5 and I have fished small dries with a 6-weight. The distances to be cast on a given stream and the wind, anticipated hatch, the potential for big stoneflies, hoppers or even streamers when mostly I'm thinking baetis all weigh into my selections. If I am going fishing for a day or two I might just take two or three rods but any longer than that at least five rods (short and long #4, at least two #5's and a 6-weight too) come trout fishing with me and flats fishing; with the potential for bones, permit, barracuda and tarpon...I bring a tackle shop along.

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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    this thread...a thread that could only flourish in the dead of winter.

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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    If I were starting over again, say a fire destroyed all my rods, I would stick with odds or evens. Likely with odds, as I think the 5 wt is the foundation rod that can used for most species of freshwater fish, except the pike and carp family. A 3 wt is a good step down and when fished with a 4 wt line, you get the best of both worlds. Going up is a bit of toss up, but if bass is on the menu, then the 7 makes sense.
    Ok back to reality, what I have are 2-4 wts, 2-5 wts, 2-6 wts, and 4 spey/switch rods. 90% of the time I pick between the 4s and 5s based on the fly i'm fishing. Tricos and small olives have me reaching for the 4 wts. Hendriksons and similar sized flies draw the fives. Big drakes and hex bring out the sixes. Double nymph rigs with indicators get either the 9'6" six wt or one of the switches.

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    Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

    all i need is 11 wt. have from a 2wt. to a 12 wt. now...Oh and a 14-18 wt. to play with..
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