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Thread: Cane Rod Information

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    I'll post an image when I can but do any of you cane rod aficionados know anything about a 1950's - 60's (?) vintage rod called, "The Hadley"? If I am reading the script correctly it appears to be made by "A. & R. Co." and it is 8' 3 1/2 oz in a three piece, two tip configuration. It has a half wells grip and cork spacer with a nickle silver slide and cap reel seat. It has clearly caught fish in its day but the varnish and joints are all in fine shape. It was owned by a gentleman who fished the Esopus before the days of the tube hatch.

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    Amherst Rod Co.
    Does it look like this one ?

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    It It does not say LL or Amherst on it though and it is 3 1/2 oz....still that is the kind of rod it looks like. Thanks

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    I sent you a link to the "Hadley" from another site. Linking other ff'ing websites is discouraged here, so everyone else will just have to wonder.

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    Rip and Frank, You both nailed this rod. Very impressive! As I dig through the mound of equipment I recently obtained I will post more questions. There is a Hardy Plakona and many 50's - 60's glass rods. Thank you.

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