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Thread: St Croix Rio

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    Default St Croix Rio

    I really don't have the money for this.....maybe in early summer I will. The local fishing shop has some 9 foot 5 wt four piece St Croix Rio rods for 125 dollars. Is this a good buy? The next model up from the Rio sells for 200 dollars (almost twice but with rod case).

    When compared to a Fenwick HMX of the same length at 200 dollars (however 2 piece), the HMX is stiffer.

    I can buy a Reddington via the internet for about 140 dollars.

    Which would be the best buy?

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    Default Re: St Croix Rio

    in that range take a look at allens new rods-
    Compass Rod Series - Allen Fly Fishing Store

    just a thought



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    Default Re: St Croix Rio

    Can't tell about the price as it's not clear if you're quoting U.S. or Canadian dollars...

    As for the Rio... I have one and think it is a very nice medium action rod. Compare the 9' to the 8.6'. You may find that it actually performs better than the 9 footer. I thought the 9' rod to be too soft...For comparison, they sell for about U.S$100 for a 2 pieced and about U.S.$110 for a 4 piece new...

    Don't know much about Redington, but the CT (Classic Trout) has gotten a lot of very favorable comment and they carry low prices as they have been discontinued....

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    Default Re: St Croix Rio

    Definately not a rod expert, but I was given a St. Croix Avid 7' 3wt & if it's anything like it I'd buy 1, I LOVE MY AVID

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    Default Re: St Croix Rio

    The rod has to be at least a 4 piece rod. It must be at least 8 1/2 feet long and 5 wt seems just about right for my use. I very rarely fish any streams. The smallest body of water I fish would be a small river. It seems that every time I go's I already have a 7 wt and a 9 wt rod and from what I learned from a previous conversation, I will find that the difference between a 7 wt and a 5 wt is quite noticeable.

    I see so many rods priced in the 120 to 150 bracket but there are none in my region. Yes, the St-Croix Rio Santo is nice but it is not as fast as a Fenwick maybe a bit too slow for my taste.

    Yes....I can test the St-Croix before buying. I will check out the other rods to see if I can order them.

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