Hi all, and yes, this is yet another "help me pick out my next rod" thread.

After continually ignoring the Redington rack at the fly shops, the closeout CTs finally got my attention and I've fallen in love with this rod maker. I've been considering a new warm water rod for a while and last night I picked up a few Redingtons and was blown away by the quality and value. Even a $70 Crosswater had nicer cork than some of my rods which cost 3 times more. Unfortunately, the Crosswater doesn't come with the lifetime warranty but at that price, does it matter?

I am leaning toward an 8wt because I'm cheap and already have a good, basically unused 8wt line. But I could possibly overline a 7wt if it's stiff enough.

Right now, I'm thinking about the Pursuit 8wt 9'6" but I am also interested in the 10' 7wt. I mostly fish small waters but I'd like something long for open water kayak fishing on warm lakes and saltwater flats. The target fish is bass, snook, redfish, sea trout, etc. But I'd like to be able to use it trout fishing on rivers like the San Juan where I think an 8wt may be overkill. So I was leaning toward the 10' 7wt.

Anyone have the 10' 7wt Pursuit or the 9'6" 8wt Pursuit? How do you like them? Could I overline a 7wt Pursuit without taking the life out of it? Any other options I should consider for under $150?

I really wanted a closeout Echo Ion for $100 but I can't find an 8wt and don't want to buy a new line (remember, I'm a cheapskate who doesn't regularly fish this size rod).

Thanks in advance,