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  1. Default Travel 5 Weights

    I'm interested in an 8' 6" travel rod that is a 5 weight. I'm interested in one of the following...

    - Orvis Frequent Flyer
    - Cabelas Stowaway
    - Albright A5-NS

    I would like a rod that is definitely a mid-flex, not a tip-flex - something that has some feel for short casts, reach casts, etc. (I've also looked at a Redington Classic Trout 6 piece but that was a bit soft.)

    Which of the above rods is mid-flex?

    I know it isn't a 5 or 6 piece rod, but I have been looking at the Echo Carbon 5 weight in the 8' 6" length. What is the action on this rod like - is it a mid-flex?

    Is there maybe something else I should be considering?

    Thanks in advance for the insights!

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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    The Orvis Frequent Flyer is described as a mid-flex on their website. I believe it is the same blank as the old 7-piece Trident TL, which I bought when it was discontinued a few years ago. If so, it is a bit tip-heavy because of the extra weight of all the ferrules. However, this may also be true of the others you are looking at as well -- it's also true of a 6-piece TFO Pro 9' 6 wt I have, for example. I find you can correct that problem by balancing it with a heavy reel (mine is a Redington AS).

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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    I have cast both the Orvis and Albright rods you are asking about: the Orvis is, and I say this without prejudice, terrible. The Albright is surprisingly nice and not too fast.

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    I have an Albright N5 6 weight that I use for streamers, nymphing, pretty much everything. I got it for a spare/travel rod and have ended up using it most of the time. Not a super fast rod and very affordable.

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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    Personally, I'd look for a Redington Wayfarer. 5 pc. Discontinued but often on ebay. Or, trout unlimited gear reduction (donate tab) as an outfit. $175 Outstanding 5 pc, med fast rods. I own them in 3 through 8 wt for travel. (which I do 30 plus weeks a year)

    copy & paste from
    Redington Wayfarer Fly Rod & GD Reel Combo - 9', 5 Wt., 5-piece Rod

    Donation amount: $175.00
    Retail value: $200.00

    Package contains one 9', 5 Wt., 5-piece Wayfarer fly rod with Redington GD 5/6 titanium reel, WF-5 fly line, 100 yds. of 20 lb. Dacron fly backing, and a rod/reel case.

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    Well, the Stowaway is on sale for $99 right now. It made the choice easy for me, a new 8wt is on the way!

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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    just curious why the orvis was that bad.
    i've considered this rod for extended hiking/canoe trips,
    and i would love to hear your critique



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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    Good luck with the Stowaway. My personal experience with them has been less than great, but maybe I am too picky.

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    Default Re: Travel 5 Weights

    Another one to consider is the Redington CT 9' 5wt, 6piece version. Extremely portable, very low priced these days and has a pleasing action (mid to soft flex)
    I have the 8' 3wt version of this rod and love it.

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    Anyone know where to find a CT 5 wt 6pc? I also have the 3wt which is a nice rod.

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